Round Duct Machine


Compact U-type structure needs litter space, very suitable for medium-small plant.

Pneumatic mechanical manipulators push plate in conjunction with combined nip machine, high speed and positioning more accurate.

Stepping out from traditional processing method, the nip machine can save a lot of time and significantly improve production efficiency.

Square Duct Line
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Round Duct Machine
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Rollforming Machine
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Seam Close Machine
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Sheet Metal Machine
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Duct Related Machine
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Nanjing Byfo Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu province, China. Established in 2001.

BYFO company has always been focusing on manufacturing and designing all kinds of HVAC equipment, including full automatic HVAC duct auto line, TDF flange former, pittsburgh lockformer, shearing machine, bending machine, plasma cutting machine etc.

Company Equipment includes CNC machining centers, large gantry milling machine, grinding machine and other related equipment. We are an integrity manufacturing company which involves manufacturing, design, sales and well after-sales.

Features of Auto Duct Production Line:

· U shape auto duct production line 5: With fast processing speed, this machine needs smaller floor area than linear auto duct production line 5. Functions are same as linear auto duct line 5.
· Linear auto duct production line 5: This linear machine can process sheet coil, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting, Pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming and folding.
· Auto duct production line 4: This machine can complete all processing steps before duct folding, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting, Pittsburgh lock forming and TDF flange forming.
· Auto duct production line 3: The line 3 machine can finish sheet leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting and folding with CNC automatic system. Faster and more convenient.
· Auto duct production line 2: This line 2 machine has 4 functions, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, and cutting. It's more economical.

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