Pittsburgh Lock Machine

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Pittsburgh Lock Machine

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I. Main Features:

Lock forming machine is a necessary equipment for HVAC air duct manufacturing. Multi-function lock forming machine can form 6 shapes (7-function is available) to finish sheet jointing. Six shapes include Pittsburgh(Female), Right angle(Male), Standing seam, C shape locking pin, Curving angle and Z shape. What’s more, we can customize S shape and snap lock for sheet locking. The standard machine can make 0.5-1.5 mm thickness galvanized sheet. The lock forming machine usually has two model, one’s max thickness is 1.2 mm, another’s max thickness is 1.5 mm. Our company specially introduce high-strength rolling reel made of GCR 15 steel which can prolong the machine life by more than 5 times and greatly heighten the efficiency. The lock forming machine can be divided into two types according to duct shape. One type is square duct lock forming machine, for example, 6-function lock forming machine. Second is round duct lock forming machine, for example, longitudinal seam connection lock forming machine. The square duct lock forming machine is a part of rectangular ventilation air tube forming machines, it can be used with other rectangular HVAC duct forming machines together to achieve a whole duct production, such as TDF flange forming machine, pneumatic TDF sheet metal folding machine, grooving machine, electric cutting machine, square duct lock seam closing machine, clips cutting machine, etc. The round duct lock forming machine can be used with the electric rolling machine, round duct lock seam closing machine, bead roller and so on. BYFO company has both CNC duct production line which can make air duct automatically and separate machines which are easier to move. You can contact us at any time via email, mob, WhatsApp, Skype, facebook, youtube and WeChat if you have any question about HVAC duct manufacturing machines. We will reply you and help you to solve all problems as soon as possible. About after-sales service, we have professional technicians who can teach you how to operate machines by video and we can also provide engineer overseas service or you can send your workers to our factory in China to learn operation method.

II. Main Technical Parameters


III. Working Schematic Diagram

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