TDF Flange Machine

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TDF Flange Machine

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I. Main Features:

We can divide TDF flange forming machine into two types according to the working requirements: single flange forming machine and duplex flange forming machine. Besides, single flange machine includes two models: T-12 and T-15. For single flange making machine, it will form the flange shape at one side and form clip shape at another side. For duplex TDF flange forming machine, it can make flange shape at two sides at the same time to save time. Customers’ demand for adding clip is realizable. The single TDF flange forming machine is easier to move than duplex TDF flange forming machine. Besides, the single flange making machine is popular to be used on site due to its stability and convenience. It’s not too heavy, the operator can move it easily with wheel. The single flange making machine is a part of rectangular ventilation air duct manufacturing machines, operators can use the machine with other rectangular HVAC tube forming machines together to finish a whole duct production, such as lock former machine, pneumatic TDF sheet metal folding machine, sheet metal grooving machine, motor cutting machine, lock seaming closing machine, clips cutting machine, etc. At the same time, it’s necessary to maintain machines, for example, adding lubricating oil to ensure the efficient operation of machines before using machines. BYFOCNC company can give you both CNC duct production line machine which can manufacture air duct automatically and separate machines, it will be easier to move. We will suggest a whole machines series in accordance with different customers needs and practical operating environment. The way to contact with us includes email, mob, WhatsApp, Skype, facebook, youtube, and WeChat. If you have any question about air tube machines, you can ask us at any time. We will respond to you and help you to solve all questions as soon as possible. For after-sales service, we have skilled technicians who can teach you how to use machines through video and we can also provide engineer overseas service or you can send your worker and operators to our factory to learn operation way.

II. Main Technical Parameters


III. Working Schematic Diagram

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