Angle Flange Production Line




Angle Flange Production Line

This angle flange production line is widely used in the industrial building materials industry. The main function is to punch and cut angle iron.In the production of ventilation ducts, it is mainly used to make corner iron flanges used in conjunction.

Main Technical Parameters :

Scak of angle steel to process : 3-5 angle steel (30*30*3,40*40*4,50*50*5)
common punching sizes big sized 9x13mm, small sizex 4.2
The number of punches which can be installed  simultaneously 2
Common length of angle steel 6000mm
Machining accuacy not morn than 0.5mm
Feeding seed of angle seel 15-20 m/min
Power 4kw


Main Components :

No. Name Brand
2 Servo Drive EURA , CHINA
3 Servo Motor EURA , CHINA
4 Proximity Switch QMBONW,CHINA
5 Main Electrical Elements CHNT,CHINA
6 Hydraulic Valves BAILER ,CHINA
7 Solenoid Air Valve BAILER ,CHINA
8 Transformer CNSHAFE,CHINA
9 Magnetic Switch IDEC ,JAPAN
10 control screen WE!NVIEW  ARTRICH,TAIWAN
11 Variable frequency three-phase asynchronous motor STJ,CHINA

Machine real photos

Angle Flange Production Line

This machine is strong rigidity, structure is reasonable, good optimal layout system, with cut-free function and high material utilization.

Angle Flange Production Line

The machine is controlled by PLC, feeding by servo motor for high precision. It is very easy to operate, when working, the user only input the size of work piece in the CNC screen and system, as well as distance between each two holes and quantity.

Work piece pictures

Angle Flange Production Line

Angle iron punching and cutting


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