BYL-1602 Spiral Auto Duct Machine




BYL-1602 Spiral Auto Duct Machine

I. Advantage Of Products:

1, High speed transmission

2, Forming system of cassette box

3, PLC control

4, Replaceable roll assembly

5, Fast locking system

6, PLC reinforcement device

7, Cast steel body for a long time without deformation

8, automatic roll out of equipment

9, can produce a variety of different diameter spiral tube

II. Main Technical Parameters:

Diameter range: 80-1600mm

Thickness range: Galvanized plate: 0.4-1.3mm

Stainless steel: 0.4-0.8mm

Material width: 137mm

Sealing & Locking: outer surface of the pipe

Cutter: Rolling type cutting

Power system: Pneumatic power for cutting turning material; Hydraulic power for discharge and roller compression.

Forming head mold: Made of steel(aluminum alloy casting optional)

Total weight: 2900kg

Equipment sizes: Main machine:2*1.7*1..45m(Host)

Discharge rack:2.45*1.2*1.2m(Discharging frame)

Total power: 11KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3ph ( other power supply optional )

Control console: touch screen

III. Speed(3 meter tube):





IV. Main Import Configuration:

Taiwan Delta Or Germany SIEMENS PLC

Snyder electric appliance

Germany SIEMENS motor

Full imported bearing steel press wheel

V.Cutting mode

Fly Cutter  

HVAC equipment

Plasma Cutter

HVAC equipment
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