Handheld Electric Seam Close Machine




Handheld Electric Seam Close Machine

1.Mainly Specification

The H-E hand type duct closer is an electric hand tool used for the following applications:

  1. Closing of Pittsburgh lock joins on correspondingly per machined workpieces, e.g. ventilation ducts, housings, containers, etc.
  2. Machining of all lock seam elevations. With this lock seam closer, it can be closed on straight or curved contours, this machine adjusts itself automatically to the sheet thickness to be processed.
Voltage 220V
frequency 50/60HZ
Material tensile strength 400N/mm2 0.75-1.25mm
Working speed 4-7 m/min
No load speed 160/min
Nominal power consumption 500W
weight 5.4kg
Inner radiuses Min.150mm
Outer radiuses Min. 300mm

Handheld Electric Seam Close Machine


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