How to maintain lock former machine




How to maintain lock former machine

BYFO Brand SA-12HB /SA-15HB Pittsburgh lock former machine is a necessary equipment for duct fabrication industry, the follows are our suggestions on how to maintain it during daily use.

1.For preventing any damage during removal, forbidding lifting the worktable directly. It will causes worktable damaged or deformation.

We weld four handles on the 4 sides of machine for lifting


2.To keep the roller, gears and bearings clean, it is necessary to clean up the zinc chips or other dirty object, add lubrication oil to reduce wear.


3.Regularly checking the rollers, gears, and bearings to see the conditions of wearing, especially for the needle bearing. If any of above get damaged, stop using it anymore and replace it with a new one immediately.


4.When making the C shape locks, take the feeding plate away and add enough lubrication oil on to the first cutting roller during usage. Keep the metal plate cleaning.


5.If the machine running slower and cause bad work, maybe duo to V-belt get loosen, you can remove the motor, re-tightening the V belt.


6.Sixth, it is necessary to regularly add anti-rust grease on the surface of the rollers, gears and bearings when user don’t use machine for a long time.Otherwise it will get trust.

How To Maintain Lock Former Machine

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