Auto Hydraulic Seam Closer Introduction And Features




Auto Hydraulic Seam Closer Introduction And Features

Hydraulic seam closer machine is used for square wind pipe joint angle plate (Toyo bone) and right angle bone bite, it is the matching equipment of rectangle wind pipe production line. It can be connected without other auxiliary tools, it can accurately with high quality combined gap joint bite, its appearance is not only beautiful, but also low noise, linking tightly, smooth, good effect.

Introduction of Main Configuration   

The Auto Hydraulic Seam Closer from supplier is a state-of-the-art machine designed to close and seal seams on a variety of materials with ease and precision. This innovative tool utilizes hydraulic pressure to apply even and consistent pressure on the seam, ensuring a strong and secure seal every time. With its user-friendly controls and durable construction, the Auto Hydraulic Seam Closer is an indispensable tool for any business or individual looking to improve their seam-closing process. Some key features of this machine include adjustable pressure settings, a built-in safety mechanism, and a compact design for easy storage and transport. Discover the power and efficiency of the Auto Hydraulic Seam Closer today.

–Key features and benefits

  • Eliminate hammering to close ductwork seams.
  • Greatly reduce noise levels and speed up duct seam closing in your shop or at job site.
  • Seam closer will also close both insulated and reinforced ductwork.
  • Seams from top and bottom to the middle to avoid run out and incomplete seaming.

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–Main Technical Parameters and specifications:

  • the machine is the necessary equipment for the joint angle and square edge to stitch.
  • the machine can improve the production efficiency of ventilation line, and can joint more close than traditional one, not damaging the surface of workpiece.
  • the structure of the machine is simple, and easy for operation.

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Model SL-12
Thickness 0.5-1.5mm
Length of air pipe 1000-1500mm
Working model Bidirectional to suture
Power 4KW
The hydraulic pressure system 12Mpa
Hydraulic pump model GPY-11.5
Hydraulic motor BMR-200-2ADN
The transmission chain specification 08A-2
Dimension 1090×960×2240 mm
Weight 1060kg

–Method of use

  • The first square wind pipe on the working platform, the photoelectric switch is the sensing signals, in the upper and lower locking block can be fixed after the turnover of the wind pipe.

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  • It adopts the way of working is a two-way commissure, a combined joint roller moving downward in the hydraulic motor drive under the wheel will be gradually forming joint angle bending forming by four, to travel position after seaming roller to the top position, another

combined seam roller to walk up to complete the bending forming, ensure the wind pipe seam quality.

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  • When the equipment is completed after the seam, rolling cycle to the initial position, the locking device back to its initial position, and then remove the finished artificial wind pipe.

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–The use of electrical components

This machine adopts MITSUBISHI PLC control, simple operation, manual and automatic operation, high stability, saving installation of human, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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