Electric Angle Rolling Machine




Electric Angle Rolling Machine

Our Electric Angle Rolling Machine is a powerful and efficient tool for shaping and bending angle iron and other metal profiles. Equipped with advanced electric motors and precise control systems, this machine can easily handle a wide range of materials and sizes, producing high-quality bent angle iron with minimal effort. With its compact and user-friendly design, the Electric Angle Rolling Machine is perfect for use in various industries, including construction, metal fabrication, and more. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to bend angle iron, our Electric Angle Rolling Machine is the ideal choice.

Angle Roller machine used to roll out shapes of materials such as bars, rods, channels, H & I-beams, pipes, tubing, and other solid structures to a specific radius or diameter.


Rollers are the round parts that spin to bend and shape the metal within the machine. Each has at least one pinching roll that’s used to feed the metal into the machine.

Mechanical angle steel roll bending machine, it is easy to change the forming rolls depending on requests: angle steel, plat iron, round pope, channel steel and squ5are tube. the distance of three rollers could be adjusted during working to save material.

Performance features

There are 2 models of electric angle roller

  • The one is YJ40, for Yield limit is 245N,the min dia of edge rolling is 200-400,main motor is 2.2KW,Reduction box is BWD2-59-3KW,Dimension is 820*790*1000mm,weight is 370KG. Different profile need to change different mold.

For example:Angle is Max 40*4

Flat bar is Max 40*6mm

Square tube is Max 40*40*3

Round pipe is Max φ40×3

  • If the YJ50 Yield limit is 245N, the min dia of edge rolling is 300-400,main motor is 3KW,Reduction box is BWD2-59-3KW,Dimension is 900*760*1100mm,weight is 400KG. For example:Angle is Max 50*5,Flat bar is Max 50*6mm,Square tube is Max 50*50*3,Round pipe is Max φ50×3.
model JY-40 JY-50
Yield limit 245 245
Min dia 200-400 300-400
Angle Max 40*4 Max 50*5
Flat bar Max 40*6mm Max 50*6
Square tube Max 40*40*3 Max 50*50*3
Round pipe Max φ40×3 Max φ50×3
dimension 820*790*1000 900*760*1100
weight 370 400
power 2.2 3

Some main parts of angle roller machine

  • Motor
  • link chain
  • wheel gear
  • profile mold

Electric Angle Rolling Machine


Electric Angle Rolling Machine

The hand shank to adjust gap of the upper roller and impact,then open the switch to roll it.

Accessories list

Hexagon socket wrench 2 piece 2 pieces wrench
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