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How to choose between BYFO 1500 spiral duct machine and 1600 spiral duct machine?

As a professional manufacturer in a spiral duct forming machine, we always provides good quality and good after-sales, also ensure spiral pipe good sealing performance and perfect pipe appearance.

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Technical Support

Description of Spiral Duct Forming Machine

The spiral air duct forming machine is professional for making straight round duct. It can greatly increase production efficiency. It’s automatic working by operating PLC control and manufacture different diameters and lengths according to the customer’s needs.

It usually works with round pipe Elbow making machine, Seam welding machine, Angle iron round rolling machine and Three rollers bending machine and etc., to produce hvac round duct easily.

Technical Support
Technical Support

How to choose the suitable spiral duct machine

Our company not only provides customers with high-quality machines, but also provides high-quality after-sales and pre-sales services. According to the most essential needs and economic situation of customers, we provide customers with practical solutions and recommend the most suitable machines.

Next, I will discuss how to choose the suitable spiral machine by analyzing the differences between the BFL-1500 spiral duct machine and BFL-1600 spiral duct machine.








how to choose between byfo 1500 spiral duct machine and 1600 spiral duct machine11440

how to choose between byfo 1500 spiral duct machine and 1600 spiral duct machine11442



Steel strip mold

Fixed mold

Diameter range




Cutting Method


Sawing cutter

Roller cutter

Working Speed



50 m/min
  1. molds
  • The BYFO 1500 spiral duct making machine is equipped with a steel stirp mold, which is cheap to manufacture, but easy to wear and requires high technical requirements for operators.
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Technical Support
  • The BYFO 1600 spiral duct making machine is equipped with a fixed mold, which is expensive, but durable,with good precision and easy to install.
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Technical Support

So 10-15 pairs of molds are generally standard for BYFO 1500 spiral duct making machine, and 5 pairs are standard for BYFO 1600 spiral duct making machine. Additional molds will cost extra.

2.the way of cutting

(1)BYFO 1500 spiral duct machine is a sawing cutting, the cut is slightly flawed,sparks and little loud noises when it is working.

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Technical Support

(2)BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine is a flying slitter cutting with smooth cuts,when it is working,fast and gentle.

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Technical Support

If the customer has higher requirements for the products made by the machine, and pursue a gentle cutting method,BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine is recommended.

3.Machining diameter range

(1)The diameter of the round pipe processed by BYFO 1500 spiral duct machine is 80-1500 mm

(2)The diameter of the round pipe processed by BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine is 100-1600 mm

In fact, the size of the mold can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, but the standard mold will not exceed this standard.

4.working speed

(1)The processing speed of BYFO 1500 spiral duct machine is 1-45 m/min

(2)The processing speed of BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine is 1-80 m/min

If the customer wants higher production efficiency, the BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine should be the first choice.


Obviously the BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine parts and features are better than the BYFO 1500 spiral duct machine, so the BYFO 1600 spiral duct machine is more expensive.

l Reference scheme

When the customer has sufficient funds for purchasing, has high requirements on the quality and productivity of the round tubes produced by the machine, expects a quieter working environment, and wants to avoid the follow-up purchase cost caused by mold loss, we recommend purchasing our BYL-1600 spiral duct machine.

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When the customer has a limited procurement budget, does not have too many requirements for the working sound of the machine, pursues cost-effectiveness, and has certain experience in the installation of spiral molds, our BYL-1500 spiral duct machine is also a good purchase choice, because of the improvement and maturity of our production process, The quality and speed at which the BYL-1500 spiral duct machine produces round tubes is also fantastic.

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