TDF Flange Making Machine




TDF Flange Making Machine

Product Description

TDF flange Introduction and Features


Tdf Flange Making Machine

BYFO TDF flange machine forms the flange edge and the G clamp through the forming rollers on both sides,which has the characteristics of low cost,and simple and convenient installation.

This machine is a special equipment for processing various square and  rectangular ventilation and exhaust ducts, and is used to produce semi-finished TDF self-finished flanges at both sides of the duct.

Combined with beading machine, shearing machine, lock former,TDF flange folding machine, etc., it can form a simple automatic air duct production line with strict structure and good performance,which is economical and practical,so it is one of the best choice for customers to save cost and reduce expenses.

Introduction of Main Configurations


The models of TDF flange machines produced by our company are divided into two types: T12 and T15. The thickness of the formed iron plate is from 0.5-1.5mm. This machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient movement, easy adjustment, simple operation, stable performance, accurate and reliable size and shape, especially suitable for on-site processing and use of ventilation and exhaust pipes in industrial and mining, enterprises, hotels and shopping malls. It is ideal equipment for production.

–Technical parameters

  • Equipmentcomposition: frame, transmission part, flange forming part, G clip forming part,power part (motor, reducer), etc.
  • Dimension size(L.W.H):L*W*H=2700*700*1100(mm)   Weight:900KG   Reducer model:XWD2 2-4-1/23 Motor Power:3KW
  • Applicable Materials:galvanized steel sheet with thickness of5-1.5mm
  • Productionspeed:8.8m/min
  • The length of the duct processed by this machine is notlimited
  • Product accuracy: size error does not exceed 0.6mm, angle error is 2degrees
Model Mot or(KW) Capacity (mm) Shape size(mm) Weight (kg) Dimension size (L.W.H)
T-12 3 0.5-1.2 Tdf Flange Making Machine 35±5 840 2700×700×1100 mm
T-15 4 0.8-1.5 35±5 950 2800×700×1100 mm


Model Name Capacity (mm) size(mm) Shape
T-10DC TDF duct corner 1 95 Tdf Flange Making Machine
T-15DC TDF duct corner 1.2 95 Tdf Flange Making Machine

Corner processing is completed by a pair of corner molds (one set for blanking, one set for stamping) and a 40T punch (25T punch can also be used to process T-10DC type corner ).

G clamp cutting size: slats with a width of 60mm and a thickness of 1.0mm, this machine is equipped with a shear reel, and no cutting is required.

–Machine functions

The single TDF flange making machine has two functions, one side forms the flange edge, and the other side forms the G clamp.

Flange forming G clamp forming
Forming roller Tdf Flange Making Machine Tdf Flange Making Machine
Generated product Tdf Flange Making Machine Tdf Flange Making Machine

–Configuration and Structure

The TDF flange machine is mainly composed of three parts: carriage table, transmission and forming.

–Carriage and Workbench


Tdf Flange Making Machine

  • Carriage

The carriage is a welded shell, which is welded by 8# international channel steel, which is firm and stable. The reducer of the entire conveying and forming part is installed on it. The end of the side plate is fixed with a worktable panel, and there is a positioning block plate with lateral adjustment grooves on the panel.


Tdf Flange Making Machine

  • Positionalblock

The positional block is processed by advanced heat treatment technology.It is well-resisiting and convenient adjustment.By adjusting the positional block to meet the customer’s requirements for making flanges with various thickness plates.

–Transmission Part

The entire transmission section is an integral transmission turbine box. The power adopts a turbo reducer with a transmission ratio of 23:1 (other speed ratios are also available), and is equipped with a 2.2KW international motor, which is strong and stable. The reducer is transmitted to the two transmission shafts through the chain, and the transmission shaft is transmitted to the transition shaft through the gear on the transmission shaft, and the entire motion system is driven by a plurality of transition gears.

Tdf Flange Making Machine


–Forming Part

  • FormingRoller

The forming part on both sides is composed of 14 station rollers, one side is forming the flange, and the other is forming the G clamp. The forming roller is made of 6Cr15 bearing steel,a kind of steel which has the advantage over the production of stainless steel flanges.

Tdf Flange Making Machine


  • All rollers and bearings adopt excellent steel processed by advanced heat treatment technology(quenching),which enhances wear-resistance for the machine and ensure the performance and longevity.

Tdf Flange Making Machine

  • On the side where the Gclamp is formed, the function of the forming rollers is to cut and shape.
  • On the side where the flange is formed, the function of forming rollers is right angle forming and flange forming.

Tdf Flange Making Machine


  • BYFO TDF flange machine has 14 pairs of upper and lower forming shafts, each pair of shafts is equipped with transmission gears, and two rows of left and right rollers. The left side is the G clamp roll group, and the right side is the flange roll group.

Tdf Flange Making Machine


  • The side plates are made of forged steel and finished.

The flange forming part on the right is equipped with the rubber pressing rollers assembly and a feeding trolley device(Moveable plate clip) to ensure the stability of the sheet during the entire forming process to produce qualified products.

If the right-angle side of the formed flange is more than 90 degrees, the pressing rubber rollers can be adjusted downward to increase the pressing force.

The quick move is for small pieces.When the width of the plate to be formed is less than 180mm, the operator’s hands are inconvenient to operate. At this time, the plate needs to be fixed by the plate clamp, so as to move forming.


Tdf Flange Making Machine


-Accessories list

Hexagon socket wrench 1 piece wrench 2 piece

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