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S Lock Machine


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I. Advantage Of Products:

¡®S¡¯ cleats and more. A flexible Lockformer, designed for super high productivity of inboard cleats. The triplex design has two inboard and two outboard forming positions allowing bearing support on both sides of the profile. The top plate and roll assembly are split into three zones with each having special design details like knurled rolls and angled guides to keep material moving through the machine in a straight line. These zones also can be adjusted by the operator to meet the requirements of a wide variety of gauges.

With 9 forming stations, the Triplex Cleatformer can form 0.4-1.0 mm sheet metal into ¡®S¡¯ and drive cleats on the inboard forming positions and up to 12 auxiliary roll set profiles on the outboard forming positions at speeds averaging 100 fpm.

Standard with Lockformer quality construction, this machine has a Baldor motor; high precision needle-type bearings; heavy 3/4¡å chassis plate; case-hardened and ground roll shafts; and an arc-welded steel stand protected with Lockformer¡¯s top-quality primer and paint finish.

II. Main Technical Parameters



HVAC equipment



III. Working Schematic Diagram



HVAC equipment


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