1600 Spiral Air Duct Machine




1600 Spiral Air Duct Machine

Byfo 1600 spiral duct machine is mainly used for building construction round pipe. It has the advantages of small air supply resistance, high strength and good sealing performance, fast processing and conversion of various diameters, high production efficiency, stable performance and wide length range. Suitable for applications in filtration, ventilation, dust removal, environmental protection, construction and other industries.

Introduction of Main Configuration


This equipment consists of three parts: decoiler, main machine and discharge table.

  • Decoiler


The decoiler is integrated with the main machine and is equipped with a pneumatic brake device and a material belt buffer device. The diameter of the inner roll is 460-520mm, the maximum diameter of the outer roll is 1200mm, and the maximum load is 1100kg. The decoiler is installed on the slide rail and is driven by a small motor at the tail to adjust the feeding angle.

  • Main machine
  • Forming roller: roll the steel strip in multiple passes; the feed roller can be adjusted left and right to adjust the size of the left and right flanging of the steel strip.


  • Feeding roller: plays the role of feeding, there is an oil cylinder below to tighten the material belt, and the pressure is adjusted by an electric contact pressure gauge.




  • Discharge plate: plays a guiding role, and is equipped with a folding wheel to fold the sub-mother mouth of the material belt.


  • Coil part: forming head mold, closing wheel, etc. The closing wheel can be raised and lowered, and can also be fine-tuned left and right.


  • Cutting part: rolling shear or plasma synchronous tracking cutting, stepper motor drives ball screw drive, precise control.
  • Control part: electrical system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system.
  • PLC Console












  • Discharge table

Outlet rack: 2.1 x 1.0 x 1.0 m. The height of this air duct bracket is adjustable, and the pneumatic turning function is suitable for air ducts below 800mm. One bracket can accept pipes 2-4 meters long, and multiple brackets can be selected.


–Technical parameters

Diameter range 100-1800mm
Thickness range Galvanized sheet: 0.5-1.2mm, width 137mm
Stainless steel: 0.45-0.8mm, width 137mm
Decoiler inner coil diameter 460-520mm
outer coil maximum diameter 1200mm, maximum load 1100kg
Bite seam Outer bite


Production speed 0-35 m/min, adjustable
Cutting method Rolling shear cutting
Plasma cutting
Fixed length cutting Infrared sensor switch
Computer fixed length
Power system Pneumatic for shearing and turning
Hydraulic for feeding roller clamping
Forming head mold Steel
Total weight of equipment 2000kg
Overall dimensions of the equipment Main unit: 3.4 x 1.7 x 1.7 m
Outlet rack: 2.1 x 1.0 x 1.0 m
Total equipment power 16KW
Console Touchscreen/button
Power supply Can be customized

 –Basic Accessories

  • Fixed mold: The material of the fixed mold is A3 iron steel, We will provide 5 pcs fixed molds, all sizes will follow your request, size range: 100-1600mm .













  • Optional accessories: stiffener. There are two styles of single wave and double wave, which can be installed on the mold. Generally, 250-1000 diameter pipes can be reinforced to increase the strength.


–Two cutting methods

The spiral duct machine adopts a power system combining pneumatic and hydraulic, which is controlled by PLC and is easy to operate. There are two cutting methods: roll shear cutting and plasma cutting.

plasma cutting
Roll shear cutting


The advantage of roll shear cutting is that the incision is smooth and the cutting is pollution-free. The disadvantage is that the cutting angle needs to be readjusted when changing the mold, and the blade gap is adjusted according to the thickness of the plate.

 Another option: The advantage of plasma cutting is that it is suitable for any pipe diameter and thickness, but the disadvantage is that there is a lot of smoke and dust when cutting

 –Spiral duct machine configuration list

Configuration 1 Configuration 2
Motor reducer Guomao or Zhongyan
PLC Xinjie Siemens
Electrical components Chint Schneider
Touch screen WeiKong Siemens
Hydraulic valve Ward
Pneumatic Components Made in China
Linear Guides TBI
Plasma Power Jasic

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