The Ultimate Guide to Round Duct Machines




The Ultimate Guide to Round Duct Machines

The Ultimate Guide to Round Duct Machines

round duct machine is a crucial piece of equipment in the HVAC industry. This machine is responsible for the efficient and accurate formation of round ducts, which are essential components of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The round duct machine has revolutionized the process of duct creation, saving time, reducing labor cost, and improving the overall quality of ducts.

The Ultimate Guide To Round Duct Machines

The Importance of Round Ducts

Round ducts are preferred over their rectangular counterparts for several reasons.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Round ducts have superior energy efficiency, primarily due to their shape. The absence of corners in round ducts minimizes turbulence, which in turn reduces pressure drops and noise. This results in more efficient airflow and less energy consumption.


Round ducts are typically cheaper to produce than rectangular ones. They require less material and labor, resulting in lower production costs. Plus, their superior energy efficiency leads to savings in operating costs over time.

Space-Saving Design

The round shape also makes these ducts easier to install in tight ceiling spaces. They provide the same airflow capacity as rectangular ducts but take up less space, making them an ideal choice for buildings with low ceilings or congested spaces.

The Role of the Round Duct Machine

A round duct machine plays a crucial role in the fabrication of round ducts. This machine, such as the STR-750 from Firmac, enables quick and efficient production of round ducts, freeing up other machines and personnel for other tasks.

Speed and Efficiency

A round duct machine can form a duct fitting in less than two minutes from a single piece of metal, with only one join. This rapid production capability significantly enhances the overall efficiency of the duct fabrication process.

Compact and Versatile

These machines are compact and versatile, making them suitable for both on-site and off-site use. They can form various shapes, including square to round and flat oval shapes, providing flexibility in duct design.

Pneumatic Operation

Most round duct machines operate pneumatically, allowing for hands-free operation and increased safety. The pneumatic foot operation enables the operator to move materials quickly through the machine, further enhancing productivity.

Key Features of a Round Duct Machine

A round duct machine comes equipped with several features designed to ensure the efficient production of high-quality round ducts.


The gauge of a round duct machine determines the thickness of the metal it can handle. A higher gauge number indicates a thinner metal.

Compact Size

Round duct machines are typically compact in size, making them easy to transport and store. Despite their small size, they are powerful and capable of producing large quantities of round ducts.


These machines are relatively lightweight, making them easy to move around as needed. Despite their low weight, they are robust and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of heavy-duty use.

Air Requirement

Round duct machines operate using compressed air. They require a clean and dry air supply at a specific pressure to function correctly.


The pattern feature allows the machine to create ducts of different shapes and sizes. It can form both symmetrical and offset patterns, providing versatility in duct design.


The machine can produce ducts with a minimum diameter of 100mm. This feature allows for the production of ducts of various sizes to meet different requirements.


Most round duct machines operate pneumatically, using a foot pedal for control. This allows the operator to keep both hands free to handle materials, enhancing productivity and safety.

Square to Round Duct Transformation

One of the most impressive capabilities of a round duct machine is its ability to transform square ducts into round ones. This process, known as square to round duct forming, can be accomplished in less than two minutes, making it an incredibly efficient method of duct production.

The transformation process involves the machine stretching a section of round spiral duct into an oval shape. This process is quick, efficient, and requires no reshaping, making it a popular method for producing round ducts.

Longitudinal vs Spiral Seam

In the world of round ducts, two types of seams are commonly used – spiral and longitudinal. The spiral seam is the most common type, used in the construction of spiral round ducts. The longitudinal seam, on the other hand, runs straight from one end of the duct to the other and is used in longitudinal seam round ducts.

The choice between spiral and longitudinal seams depends on various factors, including the duct’s intended use, the required strength and rigidity, and the available equipment.

The Advantages of a Round Duct Machine

Investing in a round duct machine offers several benefits.

Increased Productivity

With a round duct machine, duct fittings can be made quickly and easily, ensuring continuous production and freeing up other machines for different tasks.

Cost Savings

The machine’s ability to produce duct fittings from a single piece of metal with only one join results in significant material and labor savings.

Improved Quality

The round duct machine ensures consistent quality in the ducts produced. The ducts are uniform in size and shape, reducing the risk of leaks and improving the overall performance of the HVAC system.


The machine’s ability to form various shapes, including square to round and flat oval, provides flexibility in duct design. This allows for the production of custom ducts to meet specific requirements.

In conclusion, a round duct machine is a valuable addition to any HVAC production facility. It offers numerous benefits, from increased productivity and cost savings to improved duct quality and design versatility. With this machine, the production of round ducts becomes a quick, efficient, and high-quality process.

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