Types of Duct Forming Machines and What They Can Do for Metal Fabrication




Types of Duct Forming Machines and What They Can Do for Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a vital part of many industries. From automotive bodies, to skyscrapers, and even complex medical equipment, metal is a key component of many items used on a daily basis. Duct forming machines are an important tool for metal fabricators that makes metal forming easier and quicker. Here are some of the types of duct forming machines available and how they can help with metal fabrication.


The folder is one of the most common types of duct forming machines. They are used to form complex shapes out of sheet metal. A folder is versatile in terms of the shapes and sizes it can create, and its versatility makes it a great choice for metal fabrication projects. With a folder, pieces of sheet metal can be folded into intricate shapes, giving the metal fabricator greater control and precision when creating parts.

Roll Former

A roll former is another type of duct forming machine. This machine is capable of forming long coils of sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. This is often done on a production line, where the same length and shape of metal can be rolled and formed in quick succession. This makes it ideal for mass production of identical ducts and helps fabricators save time and money.

Spiral Machinery

Spiral machinery is used specifically for forming spiral shapes. This is most often used in the fabrication of ventilation systems, and is used to quickly and accurately create spirals out of metal. Spiral machinery is fast, efficient, and allows fabricators to create complex shapes quickly and accurately.

Bending Machine

A bending machine is perhaps the simplest type of duct forming machine. It is used to bend pieces of sheet metal into precise shapes. Bending machines are relatively simple machines, and are used by metal fabricators to quickly create metal parts that have specific bends. This is great for custom projects where the fabricator needs to create parts with precise bends.

Benefits of Duct Forming Machines

  • Speed: Duct forming machines can be used to quickly and accurately create ducts of various shapes and sizes.
  • Precision: The accuracy of components created with these machines is high, allowing for greater control when creating parts.
  • Cost: The cost of using these machines is lower than other methods of production, making them ideal for mass-produced parts.

Duct forming machines are a powerful tool for metal fabricators. They provide a faster and more accurate way to create complex shapes and pieces out of sheet metal. Whether it’s a folder, roll former, spiral machinery, or a bending machine, these machines are an invaluable part of the metal fabrication process.

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