Trinidad and Tobago customer third line




Trinidad and Tobago customer third line

At the end of 2011, the customer asked Baifeng to inquire about the third line of air duct production through Ali.

Trinidad And Tobago Customer Third Line

In the process of communication and exchange with customers, customers learned that we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of ventilation pipe equipment. Customers have successively added several machines, such as spiral duct 1600, plasma cutting machine, and ordinary bite machine.

The function of the third line of the air duct is introduced to the customer in detail. The semi-automatic air duct forming has more bending functions than the second line. Our Baifeng third line is equipped with Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric, Taiwan’s hydraulic system, Japan’s Omron special encoder, and the standard configuration of two stars. Coil stand, Baifeng spiral air duct 1600, standard configuration five pairs of molds, spiral 1600 and 1500 have the same functions, both can make spiral, but 1600 has high performance, precise cutting, precise and smooth, higher efficiency, more expensive, price It will also be more expensive, customers can choose 1500 if considering economy, and 1600 if considering quality and efficiency. The plasma cutting machine can make special-shaped graphics. According to PLC production and cutting, it can make round pipe elbows to connect air ducts. Plasma can be customized according to the customer’s material and size. The bite machine is an important equipment for air duct production. There are six functions that can be used by customers. , of course, customers can also customize the required special functions. The customer also learned about the elbow jointing machine and the five-function jointing machine customized by many of our Middle East customers.

Send a detailed video of the third-line test machine to the customer, and the production video of the third-line in India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. The video of the use of spiral duct machine in Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, intelligence and other countries, the production and use of plasma cutting machine in France, Spain, intelligence, Armenia, Thailand, etc., Baifeng three-line plasma, bite machine 4 large cabinets to go Loading video from Turkey.

We also sent customers the use of Baifeng products in Trinidad and Tobago’s neighboring countries, including intelligence, the United States, and with the customer’s consent, we also gave the contact information of customers in many countries, so that customers can We communicate with each other, and let our past customers give feedback to new customers about their usage. This includes American customers near Trinidad and Tobago, who have purchased our Baifeng production lines many times, and highly praised us. After communicating with them, Trinidad customers placed orders for us without hesitation. 

Trinidad And Tobago Customer Third LineTrinidad And Tobago Customer Third Line

The customer confirmed the customized voltage of 220V, 3PH, 60Hz, and learned that our plasma is the latest version of the CAM-DUCT2014 air duct nesting software of AUTODESK Company in the United States. The 1530 specification was selected, and the coil material adjustment of the third line of air duct production was clarified. With the flat rib bending function, the customer is more willing to accept the economical and applicable Huayuan 63A plasma power supply, and confirmed the customized size of 1200-1550mm, and the five sets of molds for the spiral air duct are 100, 150, 180, 250, 300. Then, the customer placed the order. It took a total of 22 days from the customer’s order to the completion of the production. It took about a month before and after the customer paid the deposit and the customer attached the final payment. During this period, the video pictures of the product test machine were sent to the customers, and every step of confirmation was done carefully, and the customers obtained high satisfaction. Baifeng has always insisted on making products, services and promotion with its own quality and service. Received constant praise from overseas customers.

On February 10th, as soon as the customer’s final payment arrived, our factory immediately arranged a container for loading, a 40GP container trailer, and Baifeng factory arranged special packaging workers to fix and place the machine. Before the machine is loaded into the container, it will be wrapped with wrapping film. , the bottom of the machine will be further fixed with angle iron, and wholeheartedly ensure that the goods we send are intact.

Trinidad And Tobago Customer Third Line

Contact with the agent designated by the customer, provide complete customs declaration procedures, and deliver the goods to the customer according to the fixed ship at the delivery port. After 2 months of shipping, Baifeng machine arrives at the customer’s port. After waiting for the customer to complete the customs clearance procedures and receive the goods, we will provide the customer with a video manual of the machine operation. We also set up a special after-sales team to maintain 24 hours with the customer. Online Contact. Let customers solve all kinds of difficult problems encountered by customers as soon as they receive the machine.

The customer’s new machine is also in the early stages of use, and the customer’s feedback is a big compliment.

We will also keep in touch with our customers in the post-production and use of customers. After-sales problems, technical problems, machine problems, etc. encountered at any time, will be tracked and solved to customers in a timely manner.

Trinidad And Tobago Customer Third LineTrinidad And Tobago Customer Third Line

Baifeng has many years of experience in the export of air duct equipment. Our air duct products have been exported to countries and regions around the world. We adhere to high-quality product quality and dedicated service to make our enterprise bigger and stronger. Our products, we service, our quality. We also believe that with the efforts of all our Baifeng people, our technology will go to a higher level and our products will be more favored by customers.

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